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Believe It, The First Game...Pokemon Tower Defense was Electric

No Pokemon fan should ever pass up on Pokemon Tower Defense. Seriously, this game will make you relive your Gameboy Advance days of old and help you reminisce your time as a Pokemon Trainer. Though the game is a fan-made spin-off, it uses the same graphics, is filled to the brim with inside jokes and even stays as close as possible to the evolution scheme you know and love.

While it is not an RPG game like the original, you will be surprised at how all the original Pokemon elements play a part in the game play. There are several roadblocks which are only overcome by paying attention to the storyline and grabbing the correct TM/HM skill. There are several types of stages. Of course, there are times when the objective is to guard sweets or Pokeballs - classic tower defense game play. But, you also get to invade enemy territory by buffing up with defensive moves and sending out your Pokemon one by one.

What Pokemon game would it be without monster collecting? If catching them all is your main concern, you have nothing to worry about. Pokemon Tower Defense features all of the 151 Pokemon found in the Red and Blue versions of the series. It even has shiny and shadow versions of all the included Pokemon. All you have to do is wait for a Pokemon to spawn, let your units damage it until its life bar is red and drag your Pokeball over it. Easy right? Well, unless the spawn rate for what you are looking for is 1 out of 8000.

Because this is Pokemon, you will be asked to choose which version of the game you want to play. Depending on your choice, this makes a few version exclusive Pokemon available to you. If you do not feel like creating a second character to circumvent this, you may want to head on over to the Pokemon Center to trade with other players.

The trading system is an experience on its own. Due to the active community, finding your desired Pokemon is made much simpler. However, that does not mean that you can trade your Kakuna for a high level Mew. You will have to adjust with the market, so to speak, in order to get your Pokemon trade accepted. At any rate, this organic community plays a big part in helping you collect every Pokemon type and have them available to form your team.

The one thing this game severely lacks is an explanation for the series elements. If you happen to be a long time Pokemon Trainer, sure, you can forego the lecture. However, those new to the series will definitely encounter foreign concepts such as TM/HM moves, evolution and Legendary Pokemon. Fortunately for those who can ignore these little nuances, the core game play is easy to adapt to for the most part.

The game offers four speeds which help a great deal when trying to level up. With this, you will be able to compress the time significantly and be able to level up your newly caught Pokemon in no time. Thing is, you will have a hard time catching Pokemon while doing this. Not only will their blurs be tricky to identify, your Pokemon also tend to defeat them faster than you can use your Pokeball. It would have been great if there was some way to map toggles onto the keyboard so you can change speed on the fly. For now, you will just have to learn to prioritize what you want out of each stage.

Graphics-wise, we have no complaints. Though this is fan created, the sprites cannot be more authentic than it already is. The writing however is in need of some polish. There are some typos here and there and due to random anime references, the delivery gets a bit confusing at times. Of course, being a free to play game, script like that for a lengthy game such as this is a minor complaint.

If you already love Pokemon, or are by any means intrigued by the idea of mixing up tower defense game play with elements from the series, then by all means play this game. Even with all the popular casual games out in the same genre, this takes the biscuit in terms of mission variety. This is a top-notch title worthy of the Pokemon name, which may be enjoyed by casual game players of all ages.

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